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field therapy

Rebalance ~ Renew ~ Rejuvenate


Head 2 Tail

PEMF Therapy

Who Are We

Welcome! We are excited to help you discover the energizing power of PEMF therapy for animals and People, an innovative approach to overall health & wellness.

We are a mobile Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) company located south of

Las Cruces, NM.

We will travel out of state if we can schedule multiple sessions (for you or for multiple clients) at the same time.

A Practitioner Who Cares

Head 2 Tail PEMF Therapy's main goal is improving the health of you and your animals by providing your cells with the energy they need to


Rebalance ~ Renew ~ Rejuvenate

Building Relationships

You will reap the benefits of PEMF Therapy if it becomes a regular part of your life. My main goal is for us to work together to improve the health of you and your animals, long-term, by providing your cells with the energy they need to self-heal and self-regulate.



Head 2 Tail

PEMF Therapy

Sharing Knowledge

Communication is key. Let me know if you or your animals have had any injuries, soreness or any other issues that need to be addressed. I need to know what you're feeling, experiencing and what you're looking to gain in order to best help you or/and your animals. In turn, I will explain what is involved during your session and what you can expect to gain from it.

Helping You Feel Better

PEMF Therapy is a tool to assist in the healing process. Whether it's stress, illness or simply to increase energy, the benefits of PEMF can be life changing. I would be honored to take that journey with you.

Pulse Equine PEMF should not be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical or medical condition. Pulse Equine products have not been evaluated by the FDA and are meant for general wellness.

meet the team


Sandra Royce

My name is Sandra Royce. I am a Certified PEMF Therapist. I grew up in La Mesa, NM and have been around animals my entire life. Team roping and breakaway roping is what I love. I was on the Rodeo Team and involved in Agriculture and FFA. 

KyLee Montoya

Hi, my name is KyLee. I am a certified PEMF Therapist from La Mesa, NM and I have loved animals ever since I can remember. 

Levi montes

Hi, my name is Levi Montes. I was raised in La Mesa, NM. I was horseback for the first time when I was just one week old.


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Head 2 Tail PEMF Therapy testimonies

After just 2 sessions of this therapy I can tell that I want to stay with it because I have POSITIVE RESULTS. Reduced pain in my neck, upper back, shoulders, right arm and wrist. There is hope for me to live a more normal life utilizing Head 2 Tail PEMF Therapy.

Dan Chester

Retired Fire Captain