Head 2 Tail PEMF Therapy, LLC is a mobile therapy company for horses, roughstock, livestock, show animals, pets and people. We are located in Southern New Mexico and are dedicated to working together to improve the health of you and your animals, long-term, by providing your cells with the energy they need.

Everyday use of our whole-body PEMF system produces an energetic, strong cellular environment and can diminish our body’s cellular dysfunction. One reason our bodies wear down over time is the increasing effects of stress. The reactions caused by stress are instantaneous, but recovery from stress can take hours or days. PEMF therapy may offsets the effects of stress before they make the body more vulnerable to disease. Besides stress, the natural aging process is constantly threatening our health foundation. Cellular self-healing and self-regenerating slows as we age. Cell division happens slower and less efficiently until the cells die faster than they can reproduce. Cell communication and metabolism slow, energy production diminishes and immune functions weaken. Daily use of PEMF therapy may restores neurotransmitters and brain function, increase blood oxygen levels, improve circulation, balance blood pressure, promote ATP (adenosine triphosphate, which is a key molecule in energy storage and energy transfer in living organisms) production, and help to activate the cellular antioxidant defenses throughout the body.

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